Homage to tradition with modern production technology: this is the idea behind the choice to create a lamp that is the archetype of classic lampshades with lampshade. A rational concept that aims to enhance a product
extremely rooted in personal culture and seeks to amaze with important dimensions and essential design. Synthesis of an object that wants to guarantee recognition and easy positioning in any environment.

Poleasy is the new plastic material with which Myyour revolutionizes the way of interpreting and living furniture.
Developed through years of research and development, covered by an exclusive patent worldwide, Poleasy is a special linear polyethylene in which the superficial micropores are almost totally absent, responsible for the formation of unsightly patinas. Poleasy cleans itself with an ease that may seem incredible, until now unthinkable in similar products. A truly revolutionary material, Poleasy offers absolutely unique durability, washability and color brilliance.

It is available in different colors and types of finishes: glossy varnished (LV), illuminable (IL), vintage (VP) and oxidized (OS).

Arancio (IL) 388Azzurro (IL) 5513Bianco (LV) 117Giallo (IL) 612Lilla (IL) 404Rame (OS) 101Ruggine (OS) 500Trasparente (IL) 110Verde (IL) 662



Arancio (IL) 388, Azzurro (IL) 5513, Bianco (LV) 117, Giallo (IL) 612, Lilla (IL) 404, Rame (OS) 101, Ruggine (OS) 500, Trasparente (IL) 110, Verde (IL) 662


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